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Find A Dog Program

Bringing a new dog into your home can be an exciting, but also a nerve-racking experience. Especially, if you have other animals or kids in the home or you have had a prior bad experience. Picking a dog that will fit your home, lifestyle, needs, and energy is not always that easy. Just like people all dogs are different! You will never be compatible with everyone you meet, and the same goes for a every dog you meet. Unfortunately, being cute or in need of a home does not mean the dog is the right dog for you. 

One of my favorite things to do is help people, families AND dogs find their perfect match!

It starts with an in-home consultation to meet everyone in the family and discuss everyone's needs, desires, and hopes for a new dog. We will discuss breeds, temperament, energy, rescue vs. breeder, and more. I will then get to work finding possible candidates.

When potential dogs are located, I will go with you to meet, an assess them to ensure they meet the criteria we have set out. I will continue to work with you until your perfect match is found. and your new dog has come home. 

Happy Beginnings!

Yonit & Fayla


Leah & Tater


Cassie, Brandon & Stella

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