In-Home Boarding

Where Your Pack Is Treated Like Our Pack

For some, going on a trip without a member of the pack can cause all sorts of anxiety!

You worry about not only the care your dog is receiving, but also how your dog is coping while your away.

The reality is that commercial boarding facilities are often times stressful, and difficult for some dogs to adapt to.

At a Canine Understanding we put your mind at ease and decrease your dog's stress by offering dog boarding within a home environment. While your away your dog will be treated as part of our own pack and will receive daily one-on-one attention. Play time in the house and fully fenced backyard, walks twice a day around a nature trail, trips to the dog park and time with the family will help your dog feel right at home!

We will even send you updates every evening with pics and videos to let you know how your dog is doing. 

We provide spacious 5x5 indoor kennel runs with 3/4-inch rubber flooring within an insulated and temperature-controlled environment for your dog to be safe and secure at night, and during quiet times. In addition, we provide our guests with comfy beds, and blankets. Senior dogs are given orthopedic beds to help ensure added comfort. Additionally, we offer grooming services for our boarding guests. 

We use safe natural cleaners throughout our home, and kennel area to avoid the risk of exposure to harmful chemicals. We also steam clean our kennel floors regularly and between dogs as an added measure to help ensure the health and safety of the pack.

*Licensed & insured to protect your pet while your away.


Boarding Information

  • Drop off and Pick up times are available from 6am - 9pm daily. However, we are typically able to accommodate if you are needing to drop off/pick up outside of those times.

  • Each day of boarding runs from the time of drop off to the same time the following day. If your dog ends up needing to be picked up later that's ok; however, another 1/2 day of board will be charged after the pickup deadline has been reached. A full day will be charged if the dog is needing to stay an additional night.

  • A non-refundable 25% deposit is due at the time of booking to hold your spot.

  • Male dogs that mark indoors will be taught to wear a belly band, male dog diaper, when in the house. Additionally, they will be considered "special needs" and charged as such. 

  • If your dog is found to have special needs 


Boarding Requirements

For the health and safety of your pack and ours, we require dogs/puppies be current on flea preventative, and the following vaccinations with exception to puppies that are not old enough, or dogs with exemptions from their veterinarian.

  • Rabies 


  • Bordetella 


Boarding Packages

10% discount given for 2 dogs boarded together from same household
15% discount given to military & first responders

Adult Boarding Package

$45 per night

Your dog will have their own 5x5 indoor kennel run with comfy bed, blanket, toys, and water for quiet time and sleeping. They will receive one-on-one attention, and play times throughout each day where we engage dogs through puzzle toys and games.  Dogs enjoy daily exercise catered to their specific needs through walks, or trips to a 5 acre fully fenced dog park.

Puppy Boarding Package

$55 per night

Puppies will receive a 5x5 indoor kennel run with comfy bed, blanket, toys, and water for quiet time and sleeping. We will continue to work on crate training at night for owners who have started crate work. They will receive one-on-one attention, and play times throughout the day where we will work on impulse control and engage them with puzzle toys and games. We will continue to build on obedience commands, and leash manners while on walks. Walk times will be determined on the age and capabilities of each puppy. Puppies 12 weeks and older can enjoy trips to the dog park.

Special Needs Boarding Package

$65 per night

Does your dog have special needs that require extra time or attention? Such as seniors with mobility issues, deaf or blind dogs, super shy and nervous dogs, dogs that do not play well with others, dogs with special medical needs, adult dogs that are not house broken, ext. Are you having a hard time finding a boarding facility that is able to care for them? At A Canine Understanding we welcome our special needs pack members and provide them the love and attention they need. We will go over your dog's needs with you at booking, to set up a plan catered to their needs.



How many dogs do you board at one time? 

We generally only take 2-4 dogs/puppies for boarding at one time. 

What do I need to bring with my dog?

We provide all dishes, beds, blankets, and toys; therefore all you need to bring is your dog and their food. 

Do you take puppies? And, at what age?

Yes, we take puppies as young as 8 weeks of age. 

Can you accommodate a senior dog?

Yes, we are happy to work with you to ensure your senior pack member has a great stay with us. 

My dog is on daily medication, can you administer it?

Yes, we are happy to ensure your dog gets any medicine they have been prescribed.

My dog eats a raw diet, can you accommodate that?

Yes, we are happy to keep your dog on its normal diet while boarding with us.