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In-Home Behavioral  Consultations
Private Training Lessons

"An open mind and helpful hands can do much to change a dog’s future." - Author Unknown

Are you struggling with behavioral issues that you just don't know how to handle?

Or maybe you want to work on your dogs obedience commands, or need help establishing a good foundation in socialization with your new puppy.

Whatever, your training needs are we are here to come along side you and guide you through the process of reaching your goals. Each training plan is catered specifically to you and your dogs needs; however throughout all training programs we teach 3 key concepts. 


How to read and understand your dog's body language and behavior. 

How to become a calm confident leader, and build a trusting relationship with your dog. 

How to establish and communicate rules and boundaries for your dog. 

Having a dog should be enjoyable for both you and your dog.

Let us help show you the joys of having a structured pack!


Training & Behavioral Consultations

Ready to take the first step to establishing a better future for both you and your pack? Schedule a 1hr in-home consultation where we will meet to discuss your concerns, and goals. While there, I will assess you and your dog's behaviors, and go over my observations. Many times, this opens the door to a training demonstration during the consultation. We will then discuss a plan to help your pack reach its true potential.

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