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Adolescent - Adult 
Train Program

"Effective training is a partnership between you and your dog based on trust, love, and science. Strengthen your bond so you can train force-free." - Unknown

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A well mannered dog is a joy to own, and provides years of companionship. Unfortunately, in today's fast paced lifestyle our dogs are often left not knowing what's going on, but being expected to catch on. As a result many dogs are deemed "unruly", "obnoxious", or "not a good fit" and are either secluded away from their families in kennels/outdoor runs, or re-homed. Re-homed dogs often end up in shelters where they may be passed around to many locations or homes until they are lucky enough to find someone to work with them. 


At A Canine Understanding we offer an immersion training program like no other. Our Board & Train program was designed to help your dog get brought up to speed by laying a strong foundation in basic obedience commands, leash manners, house manners, and social skills all within a home environment! Unlike other board and train programs in the area, I do not use e-collars, and instead your dog is taught through positive reinforcement training and gentle correction/re-directions are done through the use of body language. Additionally, I only take one dog into the program at a time, with exception to dogs from the same household, to ensure your dog receive the individual attention they need to succeed. 


While with me your dog is worked with throughout the entire day within a home environment and out in the community where they gain valuable life skills and practice within real life situations instead of sitting in a kennel run and being worked only a few hours a day like other board & train programs. You will receive daily updates, pictures, and videos of your dog's progress throughout their time so that you can learn and grown too! 

At the conclusion of their time with me, we will have a 1hr one-on-one training session in your home to go over continuing on with the groundwork that was laid.  You will be provided homework, and two additional follow up 1hr private lessons that will take place at 2 weeks, and 4 weeks post program.

A $75 in-home consultation is required prior to enrollment to assess the dog's suitability for the program, discuss the goals of the owner, the trainer's observations, behaviors that may need modified during their stay, and the duration of time needed to set the dog and owner up for a wonderful future together! 

I offer packages ranging from 2-8 weeks, with 2 week packages starting at $2600

Costs include the full program, three 1hr private training lessons, training equipment (i.e., treat bag, harness, gentle leader etc.) and ongoing support for any questions following completion through phone, text and email.

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