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Head Trainer & Owner

"Great dog trainers have broad skills, not inflexible ideologies." - Ralf Weber


My name is Mindy, and I am a dog trainer specializing in behavioral modification, obedience training, puppy socialization and development, and fear free grooming. I have been professionally rehabilitating and training dogs since 2005, have been grooming for 10 years, and served as an Animal Control Officer in Oregon for 10 years.  I am a certified Fear Free Groomer, AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator, AKC Farm Dog Judge and an AKC Temperament Test Evaluator. 

I started A Canine Understanding with the goal to help the dogs and owners that no one else could or wanted to! As a result, I have had the opportunity to help hundreds of owners and their dogs, as well as rescue and shelter dogs, step out of the shadows of behavioral issues that kept them from reaching their true potential!

As time went on, I saw the need for people to have a helping hand in building a strong foundation for their puppies to grow on in order for them to be successful as adults. I have raised lots of puppies to adulthood, and love helping new owners navigate the world of puppy socialization and development.

Additionally, I am a strong believer in fear free grooming in which old school methods of implementing forced compliance are replaced with building relationship, trust, and a positive experience which cultivates voluntary compliance. There is no greater joy then seeing the dogs I groom HAPPY to come see me!

I stand firmly in the belief that through expert behavioral coaching, training, applying calm confident leadership, and positive reinforcement you can build a strong reliable trusting relationship with your dog. I strive to teach owners how their own behaviors influence their dogs, how to read and understand their dogs body language and way of communicating, and most importantly how to build a mutually rewarding relationship through boundaries, structure, leadership, trust, and fun!

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Meet the Pack!


Training Assistant & Bather

Lucy is a bright young lady with wonderful energy! The dogs love her, and she loves them! She aspires to be a trainer, and to help dogs and owners reach their true potential. When she is not training, or bathing a dog you'll find her working hard at her studies and spending time with her family. 



Mellow is a Standard Poodle that joined the pack in 2021 after a leg injury caused him to need an amputation. This handsome boy underwent not only a front leg amputation, but oral surgery to correct his K9's at the age of 7 months. Since that time Mellow has undergone special training to prepare him to help assist with the assessment, training and rehabilitation of other dogs/puppies. When he is not working, he LOVES snuggling with his kids, and practicing/competing in Barn Hunt!



Yuki is a Shih Tzu mix that joined the pack in 2022, after her elderly owners determined that she was too much for them. Since joining the pack Yuki has shown how much she loves to learn! She has undergone training to condition her to help assess, train, and rehabilitate other dogs and puppies. She is currently training to compete in agility, and loves hanging out with her family!

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