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Canine Good Citizen Prep Course

The AKC Canine Good Citizen test has long been recognized as the gold standard for dog behavior and obedience.

Since its creation in 1989, over 1 million dogs and their owners have participated in the CGC, mastering the ten basic skills that instill confidence and good manners in and out of your home. 

The program is open to all dogs 1yr and older of any breed or mix with or without official AKC registration.

During the 6-week program we will prepare you and your dog for taking the ten-step test.

1. Accepting a friendly stranger
2. Sitting politely for petting
3. Appearance and grooming
4. Walking on a loose leash
5. Walking through a crowd
6. Sit and down on command and
    staying in place
7. Coming when called
8. Reaction to another dog
9. Reacting (or not reacting) to a
10. Supervised separation.

At the conclusion of the 6-week program you and your dog can take the Canine Good Citizen exam right away, or if you feel you would like to practice more first you can schedule the test at a later date.

Prerequisite: Beginning Obedience, Urban Obedience or Instructor's approval

The cost of the course is $220.

Location of Classes:

Barberton Grange Hall

400 NE 72nd Ave.

Vancouver, WA 98665


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Updated class schedule coming soon!

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